Valentine Memory

by Michael D Nalley   Feb 7, 2008

They're some events we shouldn't forget
Like the time that you and I first met
The dreams that come in the heat of the night
Preludes to the passion of love at first sight

It is said that beauty is only skin deep
And the path of love is very hard and steep
Many times we have borrowed cupids wings
To fly above the cold reality of things

Yet I believe when all is said and done
That the one true God has made us one
If it is His will we will turn to the light
Far above the dreams that come in the heat of night


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  • 11 years ago

    by firexdancer

    This is also really beautiful, something that's obviously based on experience, it flows really well and you had a good word choice. Thanks for writing!

  • 11 years ago

    by xxxlOvElY sWeEtHeArTxxx

    I say right now..the your flow in all your poems is amazing. i love reading them..i just wish there were a tad bit longer but 5/5 cause u are an excellent writer.

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