Her Eyes

by TheLifelessDream   Mar 4, 2008

I saw her eyes and couldn't look away.
They gleamed in the light like polished ebony.
Her stare I couldn't break.
I had lost the resolve to think.
I lost everything except those eyes.
Who was I?
Who cared!
It didn't matter,
until i felt the flash of pain near my throat.
It came quick and all I could do was gasp.
The pain subsided.
It almost became pleasurable.
I was growing weak.
The edges of my vision began to blur.
Then it stopped.
The pain, everything, even time.
It was those eyes.
All i saw was her eyes.
I had been so lost in them I hadn't noticed the perfection of her face.
It was pale but beautiful.
She smiled and licked a drop of blood off the end of one of her fangs.
She pulled me closer to her.
She was strong.
It wasn't intimidating.
She raised her wrist.
I could smell her blood.
I could hear her heartbeat.
I drew her hand to my mouth and bit.
She moaned out of what seemed like pleasure.
I let the blood flow into my mouth.
It came a beat at a time.
With every contraction of her heart i grew stronger.
It was sweet.
When I was fully satisfied i let go.
I turned to her once more only to get lost in those black eyes.
Her eyes.


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