Watching,Waiting,Wishing, and Knowing.

by Twistd StoRY   Mar 16, 2008

Watching the rain race down the window pane,
Like a tear going down a toddler's cheek because she can't get her way.
Waiting for that one person to walk up to the door step,
Waiting for the door bell to ring,
Wishing he'd come back and apologize.
Watching, waiting, wishing, and knowing.
Maybe life could prove me wrong,
Maybe he'll come back and actually want me.
Just maybe there is that one chance in the million,
That one hope that we all hold on to forever.

Time has been lost.
The outside light has come on, so it must be getting late.
There still has been no knock, no doorbell ringing, no tears, and no apology.
Starting to lose that hope, but still not moving off this seat.

What does it take for him to love?
To not be so selfish?
To not be here instead of where he is now.
Does he know what's happening?
What pain he brings to the table?
The cards are in his hand, and he is not showing the slightest hint of a thing.
Cards on full display on the other side of his table, it's his game.

Is it too late for him to apologize?
Should the apology be accepted if it were given?

Questions that may never have any answers.
Prayers left in the dark and cold, never to be heard or seen.

Sitting here, still watching, waiting, wishing, and knowing, but still no movement.
No movement from outside or inside.
The only movement is the rain, but that feels like it never stops.
It's still racing down the window, like those tears of that poor child.

There are lights pulling into the driveway now.
The gravel is crackling and moving outside.
Jumping, running, just getting to the door as fast as possible.
The car door has been shut, footsteps heading this way.
The door bell has rung, the door swings open from the inside.

And the tears burst from within.
I collapse.

It's the pizza guy.

He must think I'm crazy, but he doesn't say a word.
He watches me, waiting for me to be able to take the pizza.
Waits for me to stop watching, waiting, wishing, and knowing.

**For people who think I'm waiting for the pizza guy, thats not it. I'm waiting for some one else.**


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