by I Heart Question Mark   Mar 20, 2008

I gave you my heart
I trusted you not to break it
You said you wouldn't
That was a lie

Cause you love her
And you left me here with tears rolling down my face
Wishing you could be here with me
I'M trying to move on

Moving on is harder than it looks
I cried myself to sleep today
And even in my dreams You're with her
Which makes it even worse

You broke my heart piece by piece
I keep superglueing it and giving it back to you
But not anymore
This time I'm gone for good

My heart I cant fix this time
The pieces are to tiny to super glue
It's shattered and torn
You don't even know how much I cared for you

You took it all for granted
Using me for your own little slave
There was only so much I could take
Chance after chance

It didn't matter to you
You had me, your little slave
Now it's over
You say I hurt you, but you don't look hurt to me

After all you put me through
I cant believe you said that to me
I'm the one who was hurt through this all
Everyday it was something new

You hanging all over her
Or you wouldn't talk to me
There were days I didn't even want to speak to you
You said I was a crybaby

You made fun of the way I cared for you
Well baby guess what
I don't need you
There's better for me out there

I got boys who like me
Men that will take care of me
Not sissys who will dis me
Or treat me like a slave

Its better of this way
so this is my goodbye to you
My heart you'll never have again
Cause I'm giving it to another man.


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by MissMeg

    Wow now this was an amazing poem. ANd i can relate to it. I'm sorry you were hurt like that. I love the poem, keep it up okay.


  • 12 years ago

    by Hidden1

    Dang that dude that did this to you is stupid and he is very selfish. Then again he can just be young. My fav part of this poem is when you said the pieces were to small to super glue. Now that was some deep stuff and I also like how you said you kept glueing your heart and giving it back to him. I felt the intensity in this. keep up the good work.