Finding Forever

by DJ   Mar 31, 2008

Every thing's so beautiful she said
anything is possible when you hold my hand
We counted the stars like pennies in a wishing well
and he threw a penny in the sky for her.
I love you he said, I know she smiled.

Forever is never as long as it seems
it consists of tiny particles like stars in the sky
months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and stars
Forever can be found in a single heart beat, a moment.
He sat alone on the moon and watched her go flying by

She pressed her hand against his chest
and with every lonely beat she held forever
one moment at a time. Maybe thats why she never came back.
Why is your heart racing so fast? She asked.
It does that when its breaking. He laughed and cried.

In that exact moment they were together always.
Now he wishes he hadn't thrown her ring so far away.
The snow keeps falling. Maybe it wasn't meant to be
Maybe her ring was just another penny. A wish that never came true.
He thinks in his head, its gone. He knows in his heart its there.

Days expire and the snow keeps falling, its not so bad.
Without it there can be no snowmen or snow angels.
She's an angel, he thinks but knows for sure when he looks in her eyes,
he wishes he was a snowman and her a snow angel
that way they could have snowball fights and be together all the time.

He sits at home tuning up his metal detector like a guitar
the one he used to find a wedding ring at what used to be a fort site
It belonged to a girl he never knew. Buried in the dirt waiting to be found.
If anyone can find that ring, He smiled. Its me.
While the girl he loves is out partying and having fun forgetting.

Sometimes they're together forever like just the other day
they sat and watched a movie as worst enemies, not saying a word
Neither of them moved, afraid to make a sound, invisible guns drawn.
Until finally the beating of his heart broke the silence "I love you"
That was forever. Once again they were able to breathe, as two opposites, together.

I have horrible dreams he confessed you're always running away,
thats why my heart races so fast, its chasing after you.
She laughed and said there was nothing to worry about. I love you.
She never says those words anymore and he can only tell the truth.
Its never to late to say what you feel, I guess she doesn't feel the same.

The world seems like such a vacant lot. He thought it weighed a ton,
just a huge mass of rock, spinning in circles mixing everyone up
she said she wanted to see him happy and so he asked her for a hug
The planet ceased to rotate, and he realized it wasn't that heavy at all
He held the whole world in his arms and told her what she already knew.

I love you so much he said and she didn't say it back.
All day he runs around outside catching snowflakes on his tongue
breathing as heavy as possible trying to melt the snow with love
so he can look for a ring they say he'll never find, hes worse then Smeagol
Outside in the cold searching for his precious because he loves her forever.


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  • 10 years ago

    by c 0 n f u s e d

    That was really good. :)

  • 11 years ago

    by TeenXLoveXTragedy

    Absolutly amazing. I loved honestly made me cry. Great job 10/5