Untold story

by leica   Apr 9, 2008

Notice me
and i will just turn my back
call me
and i will hear nothing
hold my hand
as if your holding on winds

my presence means nothing
even if i laugh and cry
feeling will be the same thing
point less and invincible

i may be a joker
but reflects on myself
i may be a listener
but I'm deaf inside

people may know me as a silent whisperer
i speak when no few are around
shyness makes me silent
this is me

That's what i feel
better not to talk than to feel ashamed
better to be alone
than to go out on judgmental eyes

i may be a loner
and I'm not happy
i may be mute
but i want to say something

i want to express myself
but still one thing is holding me
it maybe my fence
that i need to overcome
just to be free
and be heard by many


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