Hopelessly Devoted to You

by Romantic Lover   May 13, 2008

5 years ago I met him for the first time
Subliminally he introduced me to a language of rhyme
As soon as I think of him, my heart begins to sing
When I'm not sitting by the phone, hoping it would ring

Our friendship grew into a beautiful romance
Often engaging in a forbidden dance
So handsome, bright, cheerful and so funny
So wonderful and amazing, with him I love to be

He's given me so many memories to treasure
Experiencing adventures full of pleasure
He's given me moments I don't wish to ponder
I'd replace the sadness with memories much fonder

I've had an experience as frightening as can be
Suppress those memories, his handsome face is all I see
I've experienced pain like no one should have to
But I could never tell him, the struggle I've been through

At the end of the day, I love him so very much
I close my eyes and think of his heavenly touch
There is so much not right of the love we share
But I just can't hold back, for him I so much care

I should find the strength to just walk away
But my heart won't let me, it begs to stay
I'm hopelessly devoted to this incredible man
For him I've done whatever little I can.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    Agian perfect meter and rhyme yet personally from the heart I can tell