Under The Rain

by David   May 22, 2008

Under The Rain

Your parents moved you away,
without thinking of our hearts.
in the airport,
we had to be pulled apart.

We didn't want to let go,
we even screamed.
you're more than my girl,
you are my dream.

I ran off crying,
like a little boy.
my soul was just dried off,
of all its joy.

I didn't know what to do,
or what to say.
a gray mist filled,
my brain that day.

Along with this mist came,
a cloud of loneliness.
it filled my heart,
as it engulfed my chest.

With lonely tears,
on my pillow at night.
I would ask the Lord,
oh why oh why?

when we first met?
In the rain,
your hair was wet.

We ran for shelter,
I thanked the rain.
that kept us isolated,
as we exchanged names.

We fell in love,
on that rainy day.
I was so happy,
love came my way.

From that moment,
I loved the rain.
but then the rain came back,
in the form of pain.

My reason to live,
was to adore you.
as the horizon swallows the sun,
it would swallow my heart too.

That feeling of loneliness,
I never had.
the lump in my throat,
would makes me sad.

An emptiness,
that filled my heart.
came from the pain,
of being apart.

Your picture I kissed,
a thousand times.
the rain I begged,
to show me a sign.

A strong heart,
I just didn't have.
had to focus my mind,
before I went mad.

I cried so much,
my eyes were dry.
coping with the pain,
as the days went by.

Have anyone ever die,
of a broken heart?
I felt like dying,
cause we were so far apart.

By the phone,
I waited for your call.
the thought of hearing your voice,
would make my skin crawl.

Couldn't find the strength,
to break those chains.
never found a way,
to love the rain again.

The pain was strong,
it made me weak.
I would try to talk,
but I couldn't speak.

When the phone rang,
it startled me.
my heart immediately,
was filled with glee.

I picked up the phone,
with closed eyes.
it was your dads voice,
with a sad surprise.

He said you couldn't,
take the pain.
he said he was,
the poor soul to blame.

In a whisper,
he whispered your name.
he said you took your life,
under the rain.

The phone fell,
from my weak hands.
with knife in hand,
through the rain I ran.

The rain fell hard,
that very day.
thunder, lightning,
as I called your name.

Lightning hit me ...
... I dropped the knife,
it was the rain
that claimed our lives.

When I saw your face,
I called out your name.
the rain came at last,
and washed away the pain.


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  • 11 years ago

    by D

    Wow.. this is really amazing.. so sad but so beautiful. keep up the good work, you are very very talanted! <3

  • 11 years ago

    by Hollywood

    This poem was very well done amazing!

  • 11 years ago

    by My Mistakes

    This poem is amazing. It almost made me cry, please keep writing