Life Of A Troubled Teen

by David   Nov 28, 2007

Life Of A Troubled Teen

Vague memories, raw emotions,
Dead beat dad, no devotion
Ejaculation delight, body shaking,
Pushing in fright, lower parts aching.
Abandonment, fatherless child.
Regretful mom, young and wild.
Sick baby, cracked addicted.
Awful treatment, so conflicted.
Constant hunger, 4 years old.
Raped, the darkness told.
Cruel world, trapped in system,
Poor girl, drugging with them.
Government, called the cure,
Bouncing homes, so obscured.
Hormone teen, streets are lonely,
Prostitution, survival only.
Depression, never saw the ocean.
River, of jagged emotions.
Death, like little girl Sue.
To think, that all this can be true.


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