Pay Day

by Alicia   May 27, 2008

My wounds bleed as you pour the salt in

Begging and pleading for you to cease this verbal torture.

Full of revulsion, I continue to plead

My body trembles from head to toe as the tears roll down my face.

Not grasping what I'm begging of you, you continue to beat me

Emotionally destroyed by your level of disdain

I weep with all that I am

Even with every empathetic apology nothing prevents you from digging deeper

My heart only holds affection for you, and what began as a tiny pin prick is now a hole.

There is an aperture in my heart and little by little my love pours out on the pavement

Numbed from within, a scar that only covers the puncture is still holding in my disgust

All this distaste I have for you will eventually result in a spewing rage I can only hold my peace for so long

This crevice you have created will slowly swallow me from the inside until I am no longer.

Alicia Clendenen

April 24, 2008


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by mark swaggerty

    Very nice this is my fav of yours. after reading this i want to call my girlfriend and apolygise for being mean. thanks for showing me how she feels.

  • 12 years ago

    by 2weak2smile

    Very deep. very vivid. very very well written.

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