My socks caught fire spontaneously while watering the ice down

by Drew Gold   Jun 1, 2008

And there in the jungly movement I came upon a green silence and reveled in my shoes as looking up the dress of god himself i balanced all flavors of an alabaster eternity with eyes wide open upon dates---

Fled gasping from a star that broke
I settled in your name,
from every living thing that shook
thus faulting all the blame

appear the duties all must take;
defaulting in the pain.
We watched a beauty as it ripped
a wrench into our night

while burning gazes softly play
upon white planes of god
by faith and heaven as they take
a bit of what we were.

I bled upon the grass and grew
small children made of sod�
and blinking then the day was blue
Where has my lover gone?

These challenges which form our wake
run busier than blood
And if you have a pill to take,
I'll never ever sleep!

For starving is the hearts old plea
as listening sits still:
And covering eternity
fall apples on this hill.

By birds so watchful as we sleep,
they slip between the noun.
To teach a self just what to think,
blood beats upon our ground.

So when you hear me slip away
in passing syllables,
'I cry' the devil hears me say�
it drains my rusting soul.

And though these eagles may forgive,
I live in here and now.
My tongue is parched, I feel life
No answers teach me 'How'

As angels bring red lullabyes
that shake between my head:
Our God is dancing in the mud,
You have a life to live!

And there I sauntered through the trees,
Up, Up from where I came!
A gaze of God's own heavenly�
to live within that beam!

As distance never alters fact,
I settled in my song.
Hopeful for a strangers kiss
to flood tonight with sparks.

Here, guarding all the others light,
our lips are made of walls.
Left staring down this close divide,
We part those waterfalls.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Lenny

    Wow. That style is something else. The start is great-usual-you and then you fall into rigid structure out of character with rhyme and all but its clear and crisp and words that speak 'I'm lost and found' who is god? saviour? suicide? nature?