Salem's Blood

by Drew Gold   Jan 27, 2008

Hy a Scullyas Lyf a Dhagrow

this fancy infancy,
i've come to feel and
become just what i love.
to trace the steps to bits,
hanging strangled in shadow.
i taste your words, my lips.
as i chew and spit and pine-
it tastes a little funny,
it wasn't even mine.
i've come to burn and
haunt these earthly grounds;
there i was,
hanging from the gallows.
folding to a pit of ashes left
cold, they didn't know my name.
i wondered at the stars,
a reverence for the flame.
caught in the web
of their twitching disaster-
i jerked; half-spun
in dead air that had betrayed me.
already forgotten,
music became limp, the town
wheeled (repression of the crime)
and the stars haulted shut
that twinkling vault forever.
and i danced, and met
the witches of my time.
hair dyed red, smiling
through me. i became a muscle
when the water soaked my bones.
they unlocked their demons,
sent them out to roam.
the distance being equal
between hell and home.
we watched the burning swirl
of birds flicker off the trees,
delighting in the path
that cuts the sun in half;
i watched them wander north
i watched it rip in half.
i felt that we had lost,
glacial eyes and sandy looks.
the sun was burning under me.
i had just been born, swooped
through cycles to die again,
torn. i opened my mouth as i hung
and met them in our dreams at night;
to rape the screams of happiness
to slit the cold and starry throats,
where night caved in without a cloak,
asking questions, telling jokes.



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  • 15 years ago

    by NyellMoonlight

    This is mind- blowing, absolutely brilliant from the beginning to the end. Priceless piece, truly remarkable. This is one of the most powerful and original pieces I've read in a while. Every word is perfectly picked and the imagery that you created is simply breathtaking. Very mystical write, with fantastic, unique atmosphere and excellent vocab.
    Superbly written.