Turn to Stone

by silent turbulence   Jun 1, 2008

It's pitch dark outside,
I sit in a corner.. like stone,
between you and reality i'm torn,
tears continue to stain my cheeks,
as i struggle to hide from you,
No, i am not weak.

And then you come,
pull my fears away,
as you hold me tight,
"god, let time freeze itself", I silently Pray.

My head and heart,
each speak a different tune,
you lean closer to kiss, I look away,
you're dreaming i tell myself,
This cannot be true.

And when i'm all convinced,
this isn't for real,
you come and kiss me on my neck,
and change the way i feel.

I fight my thoughts of letting you go,
In the mad rush, i forgot to say no,
As our bodies unite, two souls become one,
I can feel how much you need me,
I know this isn't for fun.

Empowered by passion,
Embraced in lust,
We are engrossed,
In quenching each other's thirst.

Your grip on me becomes tighter,
I feel my body melting in yours,
The sun has begun to rise,
I can once again feel my fears,
The ones that vanished,
just cause you were near.
And now i know,
that you have to go,

you say you have to leave,
and kiss me once again,
I try to stop you,
but all in vain.

Lonliness begins to creep into me,
now that you have gone,
I curl back to that corner of mine,
Once again, i have become Stone.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by AmurderOfcrowZ

    That is a great poem I could feel the emotion in it. I'm going to start reading your poems more often!

  • 11 years ago

    by JustMe

    Very Good :) Lots of emotion.

  • 11 years ago

    by Ingrid de Klerck

    A great, heartfelt poem. It has a great flow and a good story.
    Bravo, you did very well!

    Take care,