Can't move on...

by Carrie   Jun 23, 2008

I'm holding onto the life that was a lie
And I still don't quite know why
You pretended to be some one that you're not
And I pretended to be afraid of things that I'm not
I wanted your attention, I wanted you to see
And now I regret it, I wasn't being me
I changed for you, just as you had
But I don't want the good boy, I want the bad
I want more adventure and fun
and if we had it maybe we wouldn't be done
Maybe we'd still be together and going strong
But we both made the same mistake, and it went wrong
You weren't being you, and I wasn't being me
You have an amazing talent that I didn't even see
You kept hidden the one thing you loved to do
And I did the same thing too.
I'd give anything to start over with you
Us being who we are and always being true
I can't let go of you
It's just something I won't do.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Sharon

    Pretty good poem. And i understand where your coming from. Its never good to hide who you are in a relationship. It'll always come out in the end.