A memory of love.

by in spite of love   Jul 19, 2008

Binded by the memories, the ones of faith, the ones of love.
Secret sain serienity, thrown to the ground, and pushed and shoved.
Lost lay all the good times, the ones with smiles true.
Lost, no hope, no sign of light, love, I'm lost- without you.

Bothered, you lay bleeding, in a pool of crimson fears.
Sobbing, why can't these memories die, and cast away my stupid tears?
Hurting while you're writing, your pen, and ink - your saviors.
Life is a hardship, all must endure, so do not expect favors.

Blinded by your feelings, a weakness some endure,
Don't be cynicle, my pet - the trick is find the cure.
Now in order to persue your goal you must succeed...
Take a note, and don't screw up, or you'll be screwed - like me.


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