The pain of 3 words

by in spite of love   Jul 24, 2008

Love is like a hell,
An amazing waste of time.
Having you, then losing you...
To wishing you were mine.

Love is like a prison,
You're content, but still you're trapped.
You can't break bars, You can't break free...
And, there's no looking back.

Love is like a razor,
It cuts you, and you bleed...
Yet you feel like you need it,
And you're getting what you need.

Losing love means hurting,
In your prison, behind bars,
Trapped with all those memories,
The razor left it's scars.

Remembering three words,
The ones that kept you sane.
Remembering their smile,
And your 'content' remained.

Those three words, that killed it all.
They're the cause of all your pain.
THere's nothing left to live for.
There's nothing more to gain.


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