Gallant Knight

by Countess of Monte Cristo   Aug 29, 2008

A fresh breeze and sunshine bright
'Tis the day to receive the gallant knight
A lady dressed in yellow like a daisy bloom
Little did she know today might be doomed

Awaiting her warrior on the tip of the hill
From morning's warmth till midnight's chill
He wrote her the letter saying he'll arrive
She didn't wonder if he's still dead or alive

The next day came and she still was there
Tears down her cheeks and at the sky she stares
Hoping against hope her knight will come
To desperation she will not succumb

But she has grown tired from the cold and tears
Reality she'll accept and affirm her fears
She stood up hesitantly to return
Until she heard a familiar voice and turned

There he was standing with his usual smile
Weary and tired from walking miles
She ran as fast as she could towards her gallant knight
At the end of the tunnel, there was the light


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  • 10 years ago

    by Em

    Very, very beautiful, 5/5. Em

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