Judging by cover?

by Patsy Lynne Chubb   Aug 31, 2008

Hi. My name is Patsy-Lynne Chubb.
I live in Thompson Manitoba, Canada
I am 17 years of age.
Everyone stop hiding, they will find you.
The question is, do you want them to find you?
Were you hiding for a reason?
People will never forget about you.
Not only did they leave bruises on you. But they took away someones life...
A life you once had. A life without a dark heart entering your world.
Once they enter your life, they will make it there way to destroy it.
Day by day you make a new friend.
Could this be the friend you've always wanted? try reading the cover before you actually read it.
Bullshit lie, "don't judge a book by its cover." sometimes... you need to.
So you've got your friend. But suddenly your friend just turns on you. Just when you thought you read the whole book. There could had been a missing page somewhere? A page you didn't want to read.
You should had been paying attention. Don't ever skip a page.
You will regret it.
Hi. my name is Patsy-Lynne Chubb...
Living in Thompson Manitoba, Canada
17 years old...
I was at the top of the world, now I have reached the bottom...
And it took me 8 months to realize... I should have read the cover.


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