When all is fallen

by santino   Oct 2, 2008

When all is fallen
you feel undone
when you wish
it would never have been done
and you want to run
in the rains gun
you watch your life drowned
in misery and fun
and you run
you run in to the dark clouds
of the guns dust..

when all is fallen
you run in to the dark
in to the unknown road
that leads to the maze
of a grey moan

when all is fallen
you scream impatiently
and yet you don't conform
your running feet
that go
they go in to the unknown
to a white road
with no sides
and trees that overgrow
and roots that crash and grow
and above it all
its form is unknown
as your mind turns black
nothing is conformed
your minds conscience is destroyed
and fed
to the dark clutches
of your world


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