All Those Times / Not Worth Missing

by Bre Monique   Nov 6, 2008

All those late nights staring out the window, waiting to see your face
All those tears shed on my end,
knowing every night I was being replaced

All those screaming matches we had when you finally came home
The loneliness I felt, when you would walk back out, leaving me alone

All those times I dialed your number on my phone,
knowing that I shouldn't
All those different female voices I heard,
each time naively hoping I wouldn't

All those lies you told me that I was way to smart to believe
But also way to much in love to actually walk away and just leave

All those fake promises you gave me
that I held on to daily instead of you
All those moments wondering what I was doing
that would make you do what you do

All those times I would get so fed up
but never have the strength to walk away
All those times I would come so close, only to decide in the end to stay

All those times I thought it was impossible for me to actually get out
Until the day came when I found someone else
and saw what love was really about

All those times drowning in you,
finding it so impossible to break free and swim
All those times finally erased, replaced with memories of me and him

All those times I cried because I knew
I wasn't the only girl you were kissing
Makes me even more grateful for him because frankly,
you're not even worth missing


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  • 10 years ago

    by Dawn aka Dominique

    I love how writing for you is so free and effortless! Great Job! 5/5