by ♥shyann♥   Nov 19, 2008

Forever is such a long time
for those with a broken heart,
Nothing can feel more longer
then time spent being apart,

Forever I'll remember your smile
and looking into your eyes,
Cant forget the nights we shared
gazing at the star-filled skies,

Remembering your arms around me
your kisses so soft and sweet,
The days play fighting in the grass
the feeling of being complete,

The nights spent sneaking out
making love after a fight,
Just enjoying each other in silence
hugging each other so tight,

Taking long walks to the park
wiping all of my tears away,
Showing our love in public
you were never ashamed to display,

Waking up to the phone in my ear
saying goodbye with an "i love you",
No one could ever take your place
too many things that we've been through,

Remembering the day you proposed
holding your hand down the street,
Re-reading all your love notes
leaving "our song" on repeat,

Celebrating our anniversary
reading to each other in bed,
Helping your mom with the cooking
reminiscing on each word you said,

You see forever is such a long time
when everyday you have to bare,
The love that you once had
is now only a memory you two share...


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  • 11 years ago

    by ToRn iiN2 PeIcEs

    Wow i really love this
    im kinda going thru the same thing

    comment my new poem?
    "her story"