What i'd like to do....

by ♥shyann♥   Nov 25, 2009

I don't know how i got so lucky
why god sent you to me,
All i know is that I'll be the best
girlfriend i could ever be,

I'll hold you on those lonely nights
cheer you up when your down and sad,
I'll go down and make all your fantasies
come true, I'll be the best you ever had,

I'll appreciate the things you do for me
never take for granted what you give,
I'll love you to the fullest until the
very last day i live,

Even at the times you piss me off
I'll keep in mind your worth fighting for,
Because no fight could ever erase these
feelings, your the one I'll always adore,

I kept running into you for a reason
it's still hard to believe you came back,
Just when i thought i had nothing left
you set my life on track,

Theres so much I'd like to do to
show my love is true,
So let this poem be one of many
tokens to show my love for you:)


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