I Have a Dream(not your stereotypical one)

by Joshua Lee   Dec 20, 2008

I have
a dream
that one day
all of mankind
for a single day
will be made unequal
and all weighed unevenly
with the utmost unfairness
so that all men may experience
the meaning of true unsteadiness
the feeling of lightness and heaviness
the different masses that portray different rights
so we may understand one another
and feel each others pain
and come to realize
our actions
for in this unfairness
the strangeness of this chaos
will give birth to a new world of truth
that will avert our gazes to a model of life
that has escaped us for so very long
a true way of being a human
by simply understanding
and coming to terms
with the fact that
is not
simply put
like this poem
that stretches and thins
we should learn to adapt
and be not a single obtuse form
but a multitude of changing faces
for each face brings another possibility
and each possibility brings rise
to the probability that
we can become
more than
who we


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  • 11 years ago

    by mandy

    That was very beautiful. I had to take some time to read it over and tried very hard to comprehend every word you wrote. It really made me think. I love that. Your ideas are well thought out, and I loved the way your stanzas shaped. What's that called? Anyways, it was great, 5/5.

    -mandy :)