The past and the future

by X Kashies Misery X   Jan 13, 2009

I shut my eyes and clentch my fits,
I can't breathe,
All i feel is myself throbbing from the inside.
I'm afraid to say good-bye to everything I once had,
I'm afraid misery has become my best friend.

I bite my lip,
I keep saying everything is alright,
My face begins to hurt,
My eyes begin to sting,
I can't stop lieing to myself,
I know it's over due to step up and walk through that door,
But I keep wondering,
How did I get here so fast?

I try to not remember,
But then again I try not to forget,
I continue to try to hold on,
Hold on to something that's been and to be forever gone.

It hurts inside,
I hurt all the time,
Running around in circles,
I wish I could go back,
I'ld give the world to go back.

As I'm just starting to realise,
I can only look forward,
Only step forward,
There is no turning back.

I can't fix the past,
But I can fix the future?


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