Fairy tale love

by Kitty   Feb 17, 2009

Once upon a time ther lived two souls,
In a fairytale so far untold
Like fate, it was meant to be;
A love story everyone else could see

A love to bloom above the rest
She, a Damsel in hidden Distress
Her Prince was charming without the royalty,
Together they formed a friendship of trust and loyalty

The flirting was fun, as they took it slow
Unknowingly, the soul binding did grow
Love that became so much it had to surface
He asked her out, it was so cute, he was so nervous

In time she accpeted, a decision she won't regret
Because together they'll make memories they'll never forget
As love became true, their souls became mates
A connection so strong, it'll conquer all anger and hates.

Their dreams have come true, when they thought they would never
FOr she loves him most, Always and Forever


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