by Kitty   Mar 4, 2009

You gambles shed keep her mouth shut,
knowing shed never tell,
Too scared to dob
Shed be a good little girl

You failed to mention that it was wrong
Never said it was a secret
Made her think that it was okay
Now its her biggest regret

You took advantage of a girl
Defenceless. She couldnt fight back
That girl, she didnt know better
Years on and she still cries herself to sleep at night

Shes angry confused and lonely
You violated her to fulfil your lust
Stole her faith in men
And betrayed her trust

Yes she still remains a good little girl, too scared to dob
Thats the saddest part of this story,
She never told. She kept her mouth shut
while you walked away bragging with glory

You damaged her beyond repair
Coz everyday she relives that night
Turns out you know her better than she knows herself
So now shes forever looking over her shoulder in fright.


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