Remembering Abby

by courtney   Feb 19, 2009

Im sorry for your loss
I dont know what to say
Im at a loss for words
I know its not okay

Three years is all you had
To show the world how you shined
And baby did you shine so bright
You changed so many lives

I dont know what to think
So I think of you instead
Remembering that little giggle
And the ornery things you did

You had this way of making
The spotlight tip right towards you
A star in the making I suppose
Just showing what you could do

Let the angels love you baby
Let them see you sparkle
Teach them itsy bitsy spider
And dance around with that smile

No more tears now little girl
Youre safe and now youre free
Just remember that with all my heart
I love you and keep a piece of you with me.


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