The Melody of a Snowflake

by Matthew   Feb 27, 2009

The melody of a snowflake

Melody, the vibrations of a tremble over smooth skin
Soft notes and snowflakes in the evening air
Beautiful, if only you were able to see, to float, to drift, to feel, to fall
I know how bright your smile, how fierce your love, how deep your passion, how hard your yearning
If you were able to fall
To see you there would tickle me terribly, to see you then in the embrace of that fall
But I already know that for you, you have that smile
Your eyes for another bring that, that love, that melody, that joy, that fall
Therefore I hum, I laugh, I kiss, I shine, I know, I bow, I go, having heard that melody
That very melody I ever sung for you, for you and your fall

Copyright(C) 2009 All Rights Reserved


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  • 10 years ago

    by hawa

    I love your poems!!

  • 14 years ago

    by Nikoshiana

    Beautifully written poem