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My names Matthew. I love to write but i don't do it that often. I hope you like my stuff and if you do please vote and comment.


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  • Age : 36
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  • What a burden is beauty. To be both hated and loved for the same face, and all the while maintaining a smile. What a burden is beauty, what a burden indeed.

    18 years ago
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  • If it is our nature to long for togetherness, why must it be so hard to achieve? It would seem as though loneliness was preordained. So I ask, why are we meant to be together, but destined to be alone?

    18 years ago
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  • There was a time when a compliment meant something. To say a girl was beautiful was excepted with a smile and kiss. Now it seems as though to say a girl is beautiful, is to be thought suspect of some dishonorable intention.

    18 years ago
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