Letting go

by Jamie Lorraine   Apr 1, 2009

You put up walls
and I was stupid to think that could tear them down
that was a mistake on my part
thought I knew you
Surprise not

thought that you was with me because you loved me
that was dumb and not even close
did you at all?
I was just sitting there
wishing it was true

now I know
never to put my heart out there
unless that special guy truly loves me
and I know its real
not to doubt it for a second

you showed me your true colors that night
never will i forget what you said
that makes me stronger
to forget you
and all the hurt you brought to me in the end

you gave up on me, on us
when I was fighting to save us
you walked away form it
I thought I meant more to you than that
stupid of me to think it

i wanted to so bad to be right about you
to prove to everyone that you wasn't who they said you were
in the end I wasn't able to
I failed to prove what I wanted
fail myself and you

i honestly believe in you
I never faltered
never backed down
never would let one bring you down
if they succeed I was the one who brought you back up

never will i regret all the ways
i tried to stand behind you
but will always regret the way
you almost tore up my family
but didn't

i am glad that i had a chance to know you
because our relationship made me stronger
it gave me the knowledge to go on
and stand up for myself to a lot of things
I am thankful for that one reason

all these emotions about you
I don't know what to do with them
so many choices and yet so many options
what to do?
Moving on is hard

especially when I put so much trust in you
but i am doing it
i am standing strong
because now I know I can
I give you credit for that

you help me be stronger
and for that I will always love you
stilling caring and wishing things
didn't end on bad terms
something i wish i could change

I would tell you that
if only i could
if only you would give me the chance
and listen
to all I have to say that I still care

I will always love you
you will always be a part of my heart
that I don't regret
if only you knew
maybe things would be different

we would be friends
thats what i wanted
i can't say the same for you
you knew what you had
you didn't want it anymore

I wasn't good enough for you any longer
its better this way
because of the way you treated me in the end
your lost, not mine
because I least I tried

I tried for you and me
I truly loved you
that part you didn't see
Now I think that you never will
did you really know?

all the things I did for you
all the times i looked you in the eyes
and poured out my heart
didn't change the way things ended
maybe you didn't care in the end or never did

you have gone on with your life
as I have mine
or trying to at least
we have memories
that i will Cherish, will you?

I only wish you the best
because I will always care about you
I want you to be happy
even if it isn't with me
that I have finally accepted


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