Life May Be Hard, But Love Can Be Harder

by rebeccasarah   Apr 2, 2009

One man and one woman thats where it all starts,
conquering love, and stealing their hearts.
Challenging fate, refusing no as an answer,
for they were so sure they were destined together.

So, "T'il death do us part," they assured in a vow,
saying "I do." and taking a bow.
Locking the deal with one final kiss,
the final chimes sound as they pull back their lips.

Two kids later and a nice warm home
but the man and the woman now go on alone.
Proving that promises are rarely kept,
Happily-Ever-After can barely be met.

I remember trying so hard, to understand,
when they sat me down and took hold of my hand.
Explaining in words so foreign to me,
how the fairy tale was over-"it just wasn't meant to be."

I couldn't believe it as the world came crashing down,
nothing made sense as my mother left town.
It was quiet and lonely in our house at first,
but seeing her cry was by far the worst.

So we raised are chins and held our heads high,
turned to the world and wiped our tears dry.
Together we did it! We got through it all.
My family may be broken, but they'll never let me fall.

There goes my own story, a family ripped at the seams.
Another typical divorce and my folks' crushed dreams.
So, take it from me, my mother and father.
Life can be hard, but love can be harder.


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