Rain and Butterflies

by Ignoris   Apr 3, 2009

Rain, rain, just go away, don't come again another day
And butterfly, sweet butterfly, don't fly away from me
Dancing in the rain is overrated to me now
So butterfly, stay flying high, just breathe and I'll stay free

Rain, rain, just disappear, I just can't stand to see you here
And butterfly, sad butterfly, won't you say what's on your mind?
The rain is locked outside this room, we're all fine here it's true
So butterfly, don't sit and sigh, a better place we'll find

Rain, rain, what did I say? I said to stay the hell away
And butterfly, poor butterfly, you flew away from me
The rain is pouring down on us, but the sky is blue for you
So butterfly, up in that sky, I wish I could still see


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