by nickie   May 8, 2009

The days pass by so slowly,
and the nights are a frigid cold.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder,
or so i am told.

Kisses linger on my lips,
long after we say goodbye.
Your touch never seems to fade,
as I slowly creap under the night sky.

Sentences become endless,
but words are never enough.
And with each moment passing,
the going gets tough.

Tears are less frequent,
and the laughter has no end.
Never in my life could I go back,
to being just your friend.

The miles between mean nothing,
when you love someone this much.
For nothing else matters,
in the moment that we touch.

Butterflies in the stomach,
and increasing heartbeats confess.
Chemistry is not even enough,
the moment our bodies press.

Tears continue to be dried,
smiles continue to shine.
I'm wrapped in your presence,
as our hearts become intertwined.

You can count on my love,
at the end of each day.
Although the road may come between us,
we're only a couple miles away.


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