by nickie   Dec 30, 2007

Don't ever change,
is what they always say.
you're a great person,
good luck on graduation day.

give me a call sometime,
we haven't talked in a while.
thanks for the graduation picture,
you have such a beautiful smile.

empty words fill your books,
some with no meaning at all.
signed with a i'll never forget you,
or good luck in the fall.

there's always that one message,
that you'd never thought you'd find.
an unrehersed note,
yet with words so kind.

the boy with metal in his mouth,
and 2 extra eyes of glass.
thank you for giving me a chance,
and picking me first in gym class.

the words of the unknown,
effect you more then you could know.
the messages of the true friends,
have no effects to show.

to know you affected someones life,
is the greatest gift in the end.
for some people out there,
just need someone to call a friend.


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