Fly away

by dontlookpassmytears   May 26, 2009

Sometimes I wish i Could just close my eyes and inhale deeply into another world
To escape the pain that surrounds my heart
That no longer beats normally
To A place where they will treat me no different --if they see tears run down my eyes
But this place I will Neva find--because I'm unable to fly cuz the wings of my heart will be forever broken.


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  • 10 years ago

    by dontlookpassmytears

    Yes this was on purpose. And things for me are better. It was just something I felt for so long and one day it just hitted my heart and I thought that I would rite down how I really feel that day. I was angry and crying and at that time I just want to fly away from the situation. So I want have to feel like that anymore. But in all words I am better and thank you for your comment.