Trick Me Something Crazy

by James Nappo   Jun 1, 2009

This is an endless masterpiece,
stringing along each and every day.
But then like a plane crash into the center of the ocean,
erased from existance as we know it.
Creating a god sized hole in our faith, and we show it.
Purity and innocence in it's finest,
you'd never know where else to find it,
other than the eyes of a four month year old baby girl.
How could you do this to us?
I never knew god could take back blessings.
Well, we'll swim back from the center of this ocean,
and we'll come and make a commotion,
so loud that it will never be forgotten,
that life is a precious short thing,
until you spiral from the sky like a bird with a clipped wing.

Adrianna Marie Urbino,
never forget.


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