by Shotput Girl   Jun 8, 2009

I take my twists
And turns
As gracefully
As I can

It never fails
Sometimes I
Trip and I fall
Sometimes I
Get up right away
And then there are times
I don't get up for hours

I sometimes
Have a partner
To share the dance with
But there are times
When I have to
Go solo

When you dance
There will be
A few missed steps
And sometimes
You'll go slower
Or faster than
What the music
Calls for but
You will keep
Moving on
As if you never
Missed a beat

There will be
People who
Criticize your moves
But you need
To take some in
And ignore others
You can't let them
Get to you

When the dance ends,
The lights will
Go out and
You will finally
See your Creator


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