by LiL One   Jun 11, 2009

We are finally done,
after five long years.
I am tired of feeling empty
and I am all out of tears.

Every time you left me,
a piece of me died,
but the tears have washed away
and I must face the reality that I have so long denied.

Reality is that we are not meant to be.
I have been forcing you to stay.
if you wanted to be with me,
by now you would have found a way.

Maybe I am to blame,
for holding on for so long.
I should have noticed,
that everything about this relationship is wrong.

We do not get along,
so many things about you I resent.
our past will always haunt us,
and we must realize that it is time to live in the present.

I am not sixteen anymore,
we do not live in that small town now,
things have changed,
and these feelings I have for you I will no longer allow.

Fate can only take us so far,
now I must think with my head.
I can no longer force this upon us,
this love is finally dead.


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