Trust Broken Down to thee. .

by Sache   Jul 3, 2009

So you go about what you do in a different way,
Walk differently, talk differently, got some things to say.
You say you like that; you say you like this,
But let�s face reality, none of that shit really exists.
We don�t talk on the phone, But we text like all the time,
But I don�t really sweat it; it�s just a victimless crime.
What you do everyday is really not my concern,
All I ask is you give me the truth & honesty back in-return.
You tell me all the time that we is �just friends�,
But let�s not play around, let�s not even pretend.
You knew deep down inside nothing was ever going to begin,
Damn, all hope was gone; it wasn�t even a win-win.
You tried to convince me all the time that you ain�t talk to nobody,
But every time I turn around you was talking to a new �somebody�.
Our past, as matter of fact, wasn�t the best thing ever,
Let�s just say that situation won�t so damn clever.
I let you go then because I figured nothing would come,
But you came back around after awhile, just like a broken nail on a thumb.
So the next time around, it seemed like it was about to work,
But when you finally came out with the truth, all I thought was �you�re a jerk�.
How about we do some facts,
Cuz I�m honestly ready to leave a huge impact.
You older than me, and that�s a real pity,
Because it don�t seem like you worried about anything but ass & titties.
I�ve been 100 since day one,
Too bad I can�t say the same thing about you, hun.
NOW its time to school you because I can see you don�t know,
You know what? Damn! You really might just be slow.
Now, Trust? What would you define it as?
Because it�s apparently (from Exhibit A) not something everybody has.
It�s hard to trust everybody when one person screw up,
But if that�s the way you live your life, then �Hey, that�s what�s up!�
It takes years to build trust,
But only SECONDS to destroy it,
Honestly, you lost mines; & I basically gotta admit.
You told me �You Loved Me� & I thought I caught a break-through
But now that I think about it,
That might have been another one of your �heat of the moment� things too.
We can�t even say our relationship was moving too fast,
I honestly believe you were too concerned about my past.
Yeah I�m not going lie I do got history,
But that ain�t yours, his, or anybody else�s business.
You can�t change the past; all you can do is make yourself a better path,
But I guess you couldn�t see that I�m doing that! Guess you couldn�t do the math.
I chilled with you a lot hoping it would bring us closer,
I honestly see now that you ain�t nothing but a poser.
To be real, you are a wonderful person,
Things don�t get better until they have worsen
Once you find a way to commit, some young lady will be very happy,
Because, as of right now, your love is real shitty & crappy.
From human to human, be truthful about everything,
So love can really find your heart & so that love can be given in the form of a �ring�.
But I�m going to end it right here because I don�t want to be too mean,
From what I�m saying you would be surprise that I�m only seventeen.
Friendship is really a relationship, just an informal one,
Between you and me, you was just something truly not to be WON!


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