Loving You

by Sache   Feb 11, 2006

LOVE is things you have to keep
inside your heart somewhere deep
when you tell someone \"I love you\"
you have to make sure its true

LOVE is something true inside
something your not afraid to hide
its when one girl & one boy
share each others luv and joy

When they can come together
& do what they do best
and have no kind of stormy weather
& say they are truly blessed

So move all your differences aside
and look on the bright side
I\'m telling you how I really feel
and how everything is real

So listen up while I speak
when i say \"your my love\"
just take that huge leap
you truly are a angel from above

When I say \"I love you\"
Would you believe its true
Would you dis me and walk away
or say \"I love you too\"!!



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