But you promised...

by ToRn iiN2 PeIcEs   Aug 3, 2009

It feels like its been so long,
i cant believe your gone.
You said you wouldn't hurt me,
you promised me you wouldn't ever leave,
but you left and I'm still shocked in disbelief.

You told me you wouldn't do the things he did,
you promised me these lies.
you swore to me promises and yet i was so blind.
You said that you loved me so much
that you had to quit hurting me, i guess you thought
id be better off if you would leave.
But if you loved me that much you wouldn't have
Gaven up on me.

But i know I'm strong so I'm gonna act tough,even
though loving you was never enough.
I'm not even gonna cry because crying shows I'm weak,
yet crying is an emotional state when words aren't enough and your heart speaks.

I don't regret you, only trusting you was a mistake, because when you leave me for that kinda reason it proves to me that everything we has was fake. We had our good times that i wont ever be able to forget, leaving me is one thing I'm sure that you will regret.

I don't even know where i stand with you but i know its not together, Biz now i know the 2nd time i left and i swear this time its forever....And when you broke up with me i swear, not one single tear feel from my eye because for the first time in my life i was so hurt i couldn't even cry...but i think ill be alright.


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by believeinlove87

    Wow... I Love this poem girl. you spilled out ur emotions so well. i can relate to this girl. i know how it feels<3

  • 10 years ago

    by Kristina

    Wow! This is a really good poem. I enjoyed reading it very much. I think you did a wonderful job on it. Keep on writing! 5/5


    Could you please return the favor? Thanks

  • 10 years ago

    by Marie

    well damn i loved youur poem so much
    i relate to it sooo much
    and if this happend to youu...
    i can garantee youu that evrything
    is gonna be okayy(:
    well yeah i love youur poem

  • 10 years ago

    by Tina HiHater

    I love thiss<3 5/5

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