Let me forget

by shenoa   Aug 5, 2009

Without you, nothing makes sense anymore
thousands of questions go unanswered
i should cry until i can no longer breath
but i can't even get that right

my soul has been torn into pieces
this tattered heart is no longer mine
my body can't register this amount of pain
that only multiplies with the passing time

they always say "you'll get over it"
"there's a thousand fish in the sea"
i don't want anyone else
i don't even want you back with me

i want to disappear,
fall from the face of the earth
i never want to hear your name again
i never want to experience this hurt

i hear my name called, a touch on the arm
i turn expecting to see your face
each time feel my heart shatter
when it's not you in their place

i find myself hating
everything and anything i can
i find myself fearing
that it's the only thing i am

i didn't even know i loved you
this emptiness the only proof
life before you was bearable, easy at times
but clouded over the only truth

my world would shatter once i left
my soul would crumble inside of me
broken and unmendable festering within
i underestimated your power over me

now all thats left, the only emotion i have
uncontrollable hate, the agony eat me raw
i don't believe i can feel anything else anymore
i don't even want to feel anything at all

i want to forget this love
let me cut the cancer from deep within
the beating sickness beneath my ribs
I'll die inside, but you'll never have me again


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