I'll Be Alright

by Damsel In Distress   Aug 25, 2009

You had asked me,
To show you,
How much I love you.
You wished to see
What I can do
To express my love.
I said I can do
Anything, everything
For you, oh! Love.
Anything to see
The upcurved line
On your face
Even if it later
Means in my remorse
Happiness for me
Is that happy you be.
The reason for my smile,
Is your thought
Which stays with me.
Every night, before sleep
I pray, Happy you be.
You be mine, or not
I just wish to be happy.
We get married or not
Just be happy, for me.
You had asked me
How much I love you,
I love you so much
So much you mean to me, dear one.
If with someone else
Youre more happy
Smilingly I will let you go.
I can see everything, anything
But cant see you in tears.
Just by seeing your upcurved line,
I know Ill be allright...


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  • 10 years ago

    by PinkyPrincess

    Aww.. this is a sad but nice poem... It hurts to see someone you want to be with be happy with someone else and the fact that you're willing to do that shows a lot... Good job with the poem