The Love Was A Lie?

by Damsel In Distress   Jan 30, 2010

She stood, forgotten
In that meek corner.
After all the spoken words,
Were as empty as the hole.
The love was a lie?

Her face wasn�t wet,
Too shocked
To let it pour.
Was it all over, all done?
The love was a lie?

He had left,
Without a word.
Was he gone
From her world?
The love, was a lie?

After all the promises
Of sticking till the end.
The end- The forever.
The forever was forgotten?
The love was a lie?

The cantabile continued,
Telling fanatically about
Love and a pair. Irony,
Stung her like a bee, to her heart.
The love, was a lie?

The spell had broken,
The magic was over.
The fairy disappeared
Was this the ending?
The love, was a lie?

The roses he�d sent,
The fancy world, they�d dreamed.
The love, they�d cherished
The bleak promise of forever
Really, was a lie?

The words, he�d spoken.
The forever, was forgotten,
The emptiness, that seeded.
Yet the subconscious still hoped
The love wasn�t a lie�


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