If Only I could Learn from Mistakes

by Painted on Smile   Sep 9, 2009

How could I have been so stupid
comfort was all I wanted
but making things worse was all I got

so close we had grown
and still progressing were we
but now I'm not sure
what's in the future for you and me

once again I've done it
not noticed how much I cared
until it was already too late

words were exchanged
a few tears were shed
and it all was settled
before we went to bed

my hand on the door handle
I hesitate
wanting with all my heart
to run out the door

to run our that door
to run into your arms
but that I can do no more

we walk
just as normal
as if nothing has happened

if only...
there are so many "if only"'s
that run through my mind

to take you hand
to know everything
will be normal
and go back to the way it was

if only I could tell you
how much I care
and take your hand

but I can't
that's not what friends do

I still wish
I could be more than that
But I think I have lost my chance
For once again
I have not learned from my mistakes...


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