The Heart Never Does What it Should

by Painted on Smile   Mar 2, 2010

What to do...
every time I think of you
my heart feels so confused

I want so bad to feel
the way I did before
I want so bad to think of you
and once again feel my heart sore
But since you let me know
where you truly stand
I can feel that way no more
I try but my heart just can't

The one thing I long for
the one I crave the most
Is the one you cannot give
this information eats away
with my heart as its host

Every time I hear your name
my heart doesn't feel as it should
Yet as his lips, not yours, touch mine
and I don't feel as I thought I would
For you are the one I thought of
and wanted to hold in my arms
The tears that formed in the corner of my eye
caused nothing but alarm

I didn't want to feel this way
and I no longer thought I would
but I still love you
even though i can't help but wonder if i should...


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