My personal hairdresser

by jason   Sep 24, 2009

Baby can u cut my hair
yeah just sit in the chair
buzz buzz snip snip
clip clip clipedy clip
my ears are they still attached
you laugh and give me a slap
and i gaze up and yes your glasses on
i whisper thats cool now it wont be wrong
i feel a buzz in my ears
and oh no my darkest fears
you have attacked with clippers
ear hole hairs please use the scissors
wow your hairs are so long
i sit in shame thats really wrong
please don't look up my nose
oh dear I'm never revealing my toes
OK babe your done,i look in the mirror
i open my eyes and look and quiver
wow i look good you've made me feel great
not only my hairdresser your my lover and my mate
thanks baby i say with a loving greet
you say thats OK,IL now walk with you down the street
ha ha funny i say,but please don't look at my toes
IL go get the strimmer you say,shit i just froze..


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