The summer of 2009

by jason   Sep 29, 2009

Drifting through the ages to summer 2009
a lonely drifter then she became mine
searching for a personal stash of gold
made of skin and pleasant to hold

visions of her in my heart and mind
thats what kept me going until i find
a faith in true love is what i seeked
my heart would be hers forever keeps

i traveled again just four more stops
knock open sesame a smile of rocks
like a diamond heist she shone to me
a vision of beauty that my eyes to see

i knew she would be mine on that night
by the way the moon shone so bright
everyday since has never been so great
not only a lover she has become a mate

iv stopped my travels on the first embrace
not only a diamond but shes silk and lace
a true bounty a perfect treasure chest
an everlasting aroma of flowers so fresh

my life is now hers and I'm grateful shes mine
not only gorgeous shes one of a kind
she loves me and i love her too oh so much
I'm in ore of her shes my midas touch

everyday forward is going to grow more love
no more flying solo like a lonely dove
every year now is going to be the summer of 2009
I'm going to love her and make sure she stays mine

grow old with her and always hold her hand
for her also to love me her wonderful man
she makes me proud in all she is
my perfect life you are sealed with a kiss.


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