For you "all my friend"

by BlueDreams   Sep 29, 2009

Each and everyone of you have things that I admire
I want to be a better person, for all of you inspire
The stories, the quirks and embarrassing tales
you make me laugh if all else fails.

I have no need to run or hide
when I have you, all on my side
You may think "does you mean me?"
and yes I do for ALL WHO SEE.

for all of you are very dear
even those that aren't so near
You may have only said one word
but I'm sure there's more to be heard.

to get you through the rough and tough
when the worlds caved in and you've had enough
We will laugh, get angry, live and learn
share dreams and hopes, love and yearn.

with every day that passes by
with every star and moonlit sky
I thank you each and everyone of you
for being here to get me through.

"It takes me very little time to turn to the person next to you and say a first hello, introduce yourself to them and ask how there day has been, with this small greeting the world opens up..."


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Princess Love

    Hi Bert,

    Friendship is the most divine relationship in the world... well at least I happen to think so. And it flourishes even more with acknowledgment. Lovely poem as always. Its been a while since I came here... thats why the comment is late. Hope you still write!

    Best Wishes

  • 11 years ago

    by Timothy r

    So great to see another masterpiece from you Bert, I am glad you are back once again, keep up the great work, Timothy r

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