by Alone in the crowd   Oct 13, 2009

Gathering gear the night before the first day
Knowing this season we have a price to pay
Critics think there is no up rise
But in our thoughts they are going to be in for a surprise
We have a journey a dynasty to fulfill
Practices will make us want to consume a whole bottle of Advil
We prepare and pack for a three hour ride
Can already feel the pains inside
Competing three times a day
For pride, bragging rights, and a sense of glory that will pave the way
Wake up at seven, practice by nine
The field is where we spend all our time
Seeing the levels of competition
Make sure we are coherent to what every coach has to mention
We wake for the last day
Knowing teams have something to prove, and have come to play
Hard work will now be put to the test
Do what we have to do to be the best
A final day of blood, sweat, and aches
Knowing out true ability we shall raise the stakes
As the conclusion comes near
We are thinking this year we shall have no fear
Summer work outs come to our sights so fast
Figuring this year will be better than the past
Lifting, running, till our minds shut down
There is no thought of quit, we have something to prove to this town
The ever famous "lock-in" is one day away
Jedo Jones is coming down to stay
He is going to redline out bodies
We ask why such harsh work-outs seem to be his hobbies
Three hardest days lay ahead
Wishing we're somewhere else instead
Hard work can't even compare
You can almost see your muscles physically tear
Your braing starts to fry with agony and pain
Thinking you're on the edge of becoming insane
The final work-out lies near
This is the one where we might shed a tear
Jones to our surprise cuts us a break
That's an offer we're willing to take
Bag everything and carry it to the car
Completely read for all the challenges there are
After we get home and out bodies lay
We seem to sleep for a day
School starts in two weeks, but two-a-days are now
There is very little nonsense our coaches will allow
Lifting twice a day our bodies get lazy
Why do our coaches seem crazy
In reality we know it's for the best
They are getting our minds prepared for the ultimate test
School is tomorrow
We still ache in sorrow
No one outside our family knows what it's like
All they did this summer was ride a bike
First game is on Friday under the lights
We prepare to live for these nights
We set goals to be undefeated
But we are not even the top seated
District Championship tastes so sweet
We are about to sweep this community off their feet
The last six weeks have been a dream
What we prepare for has hit us in the face like a beam
The season continues

For those reading this, understand this is a poem from two guys in my class , but they wanted some feedback so I am helping them out.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Alone in the crowd

    Thank you I will most deffinately tell them this. Thanks for reading this, I believe this will give them some confidence.

  • 10 years ago

    by Spirit

    It's nice but it has a ways to go.
    At some times there aren't enough words, at other times it's too wordy. (If that makes since) I think that it really has potential and can go far. You might also want to add so puntuation.

    Tell them I was impressed.